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Oxymed HFNC - high flow nasal cannula

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Oxymed HFNC or high flow nasal cannula(e) (HFNC) is High Flow Non invasive respiratory humidification treatment instrument for Heated humidified high-flow (HHHF) therapy and respiratory support, often also high flow nasal cannula(e) (HFNC) or high flow nasal oxygen (HFNO).

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Oxymed HFNC Specificaiton

Accurate adjustment of Oxygen concentration

Precise control

Oxygen Concentration software setting

21% -100% (1% adjustment accuracy)

Flow setting

2L/Min – 70 L/min

Temperature Setting

31-37 Deg C /Seven level adjustable

Timer function


Trend review

1 day, 3 days, 7day temperature and humidity, oxygen concentration, flow review waveform

Patient interface

Nasal Congestion Interface cutting tube interface, face mask

Alarm Prompt

Pipeline alarm, oxygen pressure alarm, blockage alarm, temperature alarm, power failure alarm, low ambient temperature prompt, oxygen concentrator below the pre set value prompt & preset time prompt

Treatment interfaces

Children nasal cannula, Nasal cannula, Trachestomy, Face mask

Step Length

25L/min – 70L/min (increments of 5L/min), 2L/Min – 25L/min Increments of 1L/min





Oxygen concentration precise control technology, intelligent temperature and humidity control system, 70L/min high flow output.

The high-flow non-invasive respiratory humidification treatment instrument is used for patients with spontaneous breathing, and effective treatment is carried out by providing a certain flow, heated and humidified breathing gas. These patients include patients undergoing humidification therapy, oxygen therapy, tracheal intubation, and tracheostomy.

Oxymed HFNC Series high-flow non-invasive respiratory humidification treatment instrument provides effective respiratory treatment for patients by providing high-flow, precise oxygen concentration and air-oxygen mixed gas with heating and humidification.

Oxymed HFNC series can quickly improve the oxygenation level of patients and maintain the normal operation of airway mucus cilia. It is mainly suitable for patients with humidification therapy, oxygen therapy, tracheal intubation and tracheotomy.

Application departments are respirator departments, ICU, Emergency department, neurology, neurosurgery, geriatrics, cardiothoracic surgery, cardiology, pediatrics departments.
Characteristics of High-flow non-invasive respiratory humidification treatment

  1. Provide a stable high oxygen concentration; quickly and effectively improve blood oxygen.
  2. Wash away the physiological anatomical dead space, reduce carbon dioxide and then inhale
  3. From a certain positive airway pressure to keep the airway open
  4. Adequate humidification and warming make the airway mucus and cilia cleaning function in the best condition.
  5. Comfortable user experience and improved compliance


Accurate control technology of oxygen concentration

  1. High precision proportion valve controls oxygen concentration without external manual adjustment, and oxygen concentration control is more precise.
  2. 21% - 100% oxygen concentration adjustment range, 1% oxygen concentration adjustment accuracy
  3. When the flow changes, the proportional valve of the air-oxygen mixer is adjusted according to the software setting to ensure a constant oxygen concentration
  4. Built in accurate oxygen concentration monitoring module can realize the accurate display of oxygen concentration index without loading oxygen battery and other consumable.

Intelligent Temperature and humidity control system

  1. It can provide gas close to the human core body temperature (37 Deg C) and 100% relative humidity 44mg/L so that the mucus cilia cleaning function is in the best condition.
  2. Temperature controls 31 Deg C to 37 Deg C seven levels adjustable.
  3. Adjust the heating and humidification system to ensure accurate and constant temperature and humidity.

 70L/min high flow rate to meet more clinical needs

  1. Flow adjustment range of 2-7L/min to meet more clinical needs
  2. It can effectively flush out the physiological anatomical dead space and prevent the re inhalation of carbon dioxide
  3. Built in Multi point flow sensor to ensure accurate and stable flow


  1. Fully humidified gas and suitable temperature – bring comfortable treatment experience to patients
  2. Imported special silicon nasal congestion – No feeling of pressure, patient tolerance and compliance
  3. Intelligent temperature and humidity control system – Ensure the gas temperature and humidification effect at the patient end, improve patient comfort, and prevent condensation.
  4. Provide four different patient interfaces – Suitable for different groups of peoples, meeting clinic needs.

Safe & Easy to use

  1. Innovative safe airway design No need to disinfect inside – Adopting a unique safety design, the patient gas does not return to the host, and the machine does not need to be disinfected to prevent cross infection.
  2. Original trend review function to fully control patient conditions – Can review 1-7days temperature, humidity, flow, oxygen concentration data, and fully control the patient’s condition
  3. Disposable heating water tank and heating pipeline – Disposable consumables, no need to disinfect, prevent, cross-infecting the water tank can automatically add water without manual operation
  4. 4.3 inch large color screen & Multi function know design – Multiple treatment data can be set and monitored, making the operation more convenient and improving clinical efficiency.
  5. Integrated trolley & boom – It is convenient for the treatment and movement between the beds in the department, and can be operated with on hand.


Efficiency – Automatic O2 concentration control technology -  21%-100% O2 Concentration adjustment with 1% adjusting precision and Built in O2 Blender and concentration monitoring module

  1. Intelligent temperature and humidity control system - Providing air with core body temperature and 100% relative humidity and adjustable temperature form 31Deg C to 37Deg C
  2. Effectively reduce the dead space with 70l/min high flow – Built in multi point flow sensor for accurate and stable flow.
  3. SafetyRevolutionary trend review function – Review function for 1, 3, 7, days to temperature, humidity and O2 Concentration
  4. High performance blower and sensor – Stable flow output and accurate therapy data monitoring & multiple alarming and time stetting
  5. Safe airways design to prevent cross infection – Unique inner air passage design, no contact with user’s airflow.


  1. Nasal prong – Low level of positive pressure, high tolerance for patients, high compliance without oppressive feeling,
  2. Treaded headed tube – Guarantee the temperature and humidifying effect, prevent condensate ware

User friendly design

  1. 4.3 inch Large LCD screen
  2. Wheel button to facile control
  3. Disposable heated tube and water chamber
  4. Integrated trolley provides mobility and convenience
  5. Automatic water adding function to save manual operation
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