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Oxylife Resuscitation Kit Advance- All Purpose

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Portable Oxygen cylinder 1.8 ltr, Click Type Regulator, Face Mask. Adult Ambu Bag, Adult Laryngoscope Set. Manual Suction Machine. Endotracheal Tubes, Malleable Stylet, Magil's Forceps. Mouth Opener, Airways.

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"Oxylife Resuscitation Kit Advance- All Purpose with Respiratory Care Equipment with contents

1) Ambu Bag Silicon 1600ml with Non rebreathing Valve & face mask- 4 ( anatomical shape, silicon and autoclavable ). Pediatric size Ambu bag 500ml with safety Pop-off valve( at 40cm of H2O ) & face mask round size 01.

Neonatal Ambu Bag 240 ml: Rugged, 100% Autoclavable, Reusable 240ml Silicon Bellow with Rebreathing Valve & face mask , 360° swiveling patient standard connector, Reservoir bag of 2600ml and 1.5mtrs PVC Oxygen tubing- 1 Unit

2) Adult Laryngoscope with four Macintosh blades-Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large Blades and Stainless Steel Handle.

3) Laryngoscope with Miller blade for Neonate and Infant. Stainless Steel Blade size 00, 0, 1 (straight blade set of 3 blades ).

4) Manual Suction Machine( Can create negative pressure of 5-10cms of H2O), Vertical Corrugated type suction unit with suction bottle of 500ml.-1 unit.

5) Airway-Plastic- sizes 00,0,1,2,3&4 set of six.

6) Magill's Forceps of all sizes (Set of 3-Infant, child & Adult).

7)Malleable Stylets with adjustable stops 3 sizes.

8)End tracheal tubes Plain - PVC Transparent size ( Set of 5numbers ).

9)Endotracheal Tubes with cuff- PVC Transparent (Set of 8 numbers ).

10) Oxylife 2.2 Kit: Portable Oxygen Cylinder 1.8 Ltr, Click Type regulator, Oxygen Mask – 1 Set, Soft Kit Bag.

11) Mouth Opener

12) Carrying Case/Suitcase "

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