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Oxylife Kit 2.2 (with Click Type Regulator) - Portable oxygen kit

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Emergency Use. It is Handy and Portable. At the time of shifting patient to the Hospital Duration of Oxygen @2 lpm is approx 1:30 to 2:00 Hrs. Weight of the Kit: 4.5 Kg It is light weighted. * Easily Operated by Patient.

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OXYLIFE 2.2 KIT WITH FOLLOWING ACCESSORIES AL. CYLINDER 1.8 Ltr : 1NO. Click Type Regulator with Pressure Gauge : 1 NO. FACE MASK with flexible tubing : 1 NO. SOFT KIT BAG : 1 NO. OxylifeTM Portable oxygen kit for Swimming Pools: It is mandatory to keep oxygen cylinder along with Resuscitation kit for the swimming pool operators including swimming pools in Hotel Industry. But again these people lack the expertise to use the bigger oxygen cylinder properly & generally face the problems. OxylifeTM Portable oxygen kit is user friendly & can be of greater assistance to them. OxylifeTM Portable oxygen kit for Well Digging Labor: During well digging labor feel suffocated as the depth of well increases. Many times labor dies inside well due to suffocation. OxylifeTM oxygen kit can be of best use for them during work. Labor can very well hang the OxylifeTM portable oxygen kit on their back & attach the nasal cannula to nostril & work freely with oxygen. OxylifeTM Portable oxygen kit as First Aid for Chlorine Inhalation: Prompt action is essential. Remove the exposed person to fresh air & summon professional Medical assistance immediately. If the person is breathing, he or she should be placed in a comfortable position-either seated or in severe cases, lying down with head & trunk elevated at a 45 to 60 degree angle. Encourage the person to take slow, deep, regular breath. Administer oxygen as soon as possible. Keep the person warm & at rest. If person is non-breathing begin artificial respiration. Trained personnel should administer oxygen as soon as possible. OxylifeTM Portable oxygen kit for Trekking/High altitude climbing: OxylifeTM Portable oxygen kit has come as a boon to mountaineers & pilgrims undertaking strenuous mountain treks to visit shrines such as Mansarovar, Amarnath, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri etc. as well as people working at high altitudes where atmospheric pressure is low and generally feels difficulties in breathing.

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