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Lung check peak flow meter

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Enclosed in the package:

1. Peak Flow Meter.
2. Instruction/ Recording Chart.
3. Mouthpiece.

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If the click peak flow meter is carefully used as directed by the your doctor it will help you monitor your asthma. Doctor can also adopt corresponding therapies according to the peak loan measured. Regular checks should be done by doctor to see whether the measurement values are correct and whether the predicted values need to be adjust. If the measurement values reveal negative trends please contact the doctor immediately to get timely treatment.

Operating Guide

  1. Insert the mouth piece into the meter if not already fitted.
  2. Insure the pointer is set at zero.
  3. Stand up if possible take a deep breath pick the flow meter in the mouth and hold horizontally closed the leaf around the mouth piece then blow as hard and fast as you can.
  4. Note the number on the scale indicated by the pointer.
  5. Return the pointer to the zero and repeat the procedure twice more to obtain three readings
  6. Mark the highest of three readings on the chart
  7. Properly keep the meter after use

Method of setting Peak Flow Partitions

  1. Determine with your doctor the optimal Peak flow  value
  2. Set the green at 80% of your optimal peak flow value.
  3. Set the yellow pointer at 60% of your optimal peak flow value

Recording chart

  1. Fill the name and the predicted value in the blank.
  2. Reading should be taken once or twice per day write down the time of each measurement
  3. Make your reading on the chart with a dot correspondence to the highest reading obtaining for each measurement
  4. By joining the dot you can see how your peak where is from day to day.


  1. this flow peak flow meter is designed for single patient use
  2. Please use the meter with care and running check is needed to detect whether it is damaged or whether the Red cross marks moves normally stop if abnormal phenomenon occurs

Method of cleaning and Sterilizing

It is important to keep your peak flow meter clean when  in use. When cleaning please use a clean container and fill with warm water about 20 degree Celsius as for the amount of water, the water should be submerged half of the apparatus when it is vertically put into the container than instill one or two drop of mild detergent solution into the water rising it clean warm water to remove any access water allowed to draw thoroughly before using again be aware not to insolate the meter in the sun not it into oven or bake it by fire


Warranty period is 3 months only if the malfunction is due to quality of meter itself. The usage Period is two years.

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