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Kinesiology Tape (Sport & therapy)

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Kinesiology tape - Kinesiology tape is Rehabilitation taping, for muscle pain and sports injuries, Sports tap for Sports Pain & Therapy. Kinesiology Tape size - 5cm X 5m roll.

  1. It is special kind of textile woven to replicate the human skin.
  2. Stretch capability of up to 170% similar to human skin.
  3. Similar weight and thickness to human skin.
  4. Ability to stretch in 2 directions, diagonally relative to the longitudinal axis.
  5. Easy to cut.
  6. Latex - free
  7. Permeable to air and moisture.
  8. 100% acrylic adhesive coating, hypoallergenic.
  9. Moisture - resistant.

Available Colors :- Pink, Green, Black, Skin Color.

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Kinesiology Tape is a new age tool for muscle support and rehabilitation in a very targeted manner. KT is a therapeutic tool and has become increasingly popular within the sporting arena. Kinesiology taping is one specific mode of treatment that sports physical therapist are using now a days. 

Kinesiology Taping helps theraposts to change muscle tone, move lymphatic fluids, correct movement patterns, and improve posture. Kinesiology tape can used to give support in almost all part of body like ankle, shoulder, lowerback, knee pain, wrist, calf, elbow, plantar fasciitis, hip, thigh, ribs, forearms, rotator cuff, neck, foot, upper back and on hands. 

The tape can be used for the following:

  1. Inhibition of hypertonic muscles.
  2. Correction of the fascia.
  3. Protecting muscles against excessive stress.
  4. Protective Joints.
  5. Improving the propriosensory system.
  6. Suppressing pain.
  7. Reducing inflammation.
  8. Reducing lymphatic  oedema.
  9. Reducing haematoma.
  10. Influencing the range of motion.
  11. Stimulating hypotonic muscles.
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