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Temperature and Humidifier Meter

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3-1 Open battery compartment cover, take out the polarity insulator, put on the cover, then the meter starts to work.

3-2 BUTTON function: [MODE] exchange display model of CLOCK and ALARM, set current time, alarm, 12h/24h display and date [ADJ] adjust value of what is under setting [℃/℉] change temperature unit between (Celsius) ℃ and Fahrenheit (℉) [RESET] delete all values set and in memory,all values return to the original [MEMO] press to display memorized MAX and MIN value of temperature and humidity.

3-3 In status of original, press and hold [MODE] for 2 seconds, the minute value flashes, press [ADJ] to adjust value of minute, press [MODE] continuously, can adjust value of hour, 12h/24h, date(D), month(M) respectively.

3-4 Under mode of clock, ':' between hour value and minute value flases every second, press [MODE] one time, change CLOCK mode to ALARM mode, then ':' between hour value and minute value does not flash, now, press [ADJ] button, can switch ON/OFF of ALARM function and POINTING function on each hour. press and hold [MODE] for 2 seconds, can set ALARM time and switch on POINTING function on each hour (Vbcd appears on LCD).

3-5 Under mode of ALARM, the meter will return to CLOCK mode if no any operation in 1 minute. Press [ADJ] one time, change the display to CALENDAR, and the meter return to CLOCK mode automatically in 3 seconds. Press [MAX/MIN] button to display the latest MAX value and MIN value of temperature and humudity. (only for typical models)

3-6 Press [MEMO] button to display MAX and MIN value of temperature and humidity. Preass [MEMO] for 2 seconds, then memorized MAX/MIN values are cleared, the meter starts to memorize new MAX/MIN values.

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 Temperature Range:  Indoor:-10℃~+50℃ (+14℉ ~ +122℉)  Outdoor -50℃~+70℃ (-58℉ ~ +158℉)

 Humidity Range: indoor 20% ~ 99% RH(When the humidity < 20%RH, display 10%RH directly.)  Power-supply: 1.5V (AAA size) x1


* indoor & outdoor temperature display, indoor humidity display

* temperature unit ℃/℉ changeable

* memory of MAX/MIN value of temperature & humidity

* 2 modes of time display: 12h / 24h

* clock & date display function, automatic exchanging in 5 seconds between clcock & date

* pointing function on each hour

* everyday alarm function

* calendar display function

* week display function (only for typical models)

* clock, date, lunar calendar, Gregorian calendar automatic exchanging function (only for typical models)

* install a outdoor temperature sensor, automatically displays indoor & outdoor temperature alternately in 5 seconds (only for typical models)

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