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Omron Step Counter HJ 005

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The measurement sensitivity of the number of steps can be personalized according to the requirement of each user,Large and clear display of the number of steps for easy reading,Digital display,Contains: Battery (one built-in LR43), instruction manual Requires 1.5 VDC (one LR43 battery),1 Year Manufacturer Warranty from date of purchase.
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Motivation is a key factor when maintaining a strict fitness regime. Looking at and counting your steps actually motivates a person to reach a daily target set individually or by a medical practitioner. Measuring your daily steps taken is a great way to get started with your weight loss or health programs. You can use a step counter effectively for this purpose. The Omron Pedometer HJ-005 is an easy to use and practical device to keep track of the number of steps you take in any given period. It has an extra large LCD display so you can view all statistics with clarity. The adjustable sensitivity switch is used to alter how this steps counting device measures your manner of walking. Every individual has a different stride length. You can give this pedometer a trial run and manually check on its accuracy. Then you need to adjust this switch according to your speed, manner of walking. This horizontally oriented step counter comes in a trendy blue colour and a sleek design. To monitor your progress, you simply need to strap on this Omron pedometer at your waist with its belt clip, switch on the device and start walking. Lightweight, simple, yet very efficient, the Omron Pedometer HJ-005 is a great steps counting device to kick-start your exercise plans. You can buy this step counter available at Amazon online store today!
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