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Omron BP Apparatus with AC Adaptor - HEM 7121

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Omron Automatic BP Apparatus - Omron HEM 7121 BP (Blood Pressure) Monitor Hypertension indicator, Body movement detection, Memory for 30 sets of reading,Irregular heartbeat detection, Simultaneous display of systolic, diastolic, pulse rate and one year manufacturer's warranty.
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Omron HEM-7121 Blood Pressure Monitor has a white body with matte finish on plastic construction. The screen is made of LCD with separate counters for systolic, diastolic and heart pulse rate per minute. It comes with an advanced irregular heartbeat detection technology to diagnose any abnormal heart function. Weighing 250 grams, the unit comes with 4 batteries of AA size. Omron Monitor can be used to measure pressure white coat hypertension, masked hypertension and the morning hypertension effectively. It comes with a 1 year manufacturing warranty. It works on the performance of Oscilloscope mechanism.
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