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Product range for Doctors & Clinics

MyGetWellStore has variety of products for doctors, clinics and hospitals. We provide technical support to select relevant/substitute product. Check and Order online  Equipment, Accessories, Devices and Apparatus for your hospital, clinic or nursing homes. We have wide ranges of weighing scales, thermometer, BP Monitor/BP Apparatus, Glucometer, Pulse oximeter, stethoscope, wheel chair, air bed, humidifier bottle, oxygen kits, medical oxygen cylinders, ward vacuum jars with regulator, oxygen nasal cannula and oxygen facemasks, oxygen regulators, bed side oxygen cylinders, Height measuring device, Nebulizers and Nebulizer masks.  

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  1. Oxylife Oxygen Nasal Cannula - 10 mtr oxygen tube

    Current Price Rs. 270.00 Regular Price Rs. 950.00
  2. CPR Mask ( Mouth to Mouth )- Child

    Current Price Rs. 666.00 Regular Price Rs. 975.00
  3. Pocket CPR Mask

    Current Price Rs. 429.00 Regular Price Rs. 1,500.00
  4. Guedel Airway - Set of 8 Airways In Plastic Box

    Current Price Rs. 575.00 Regular Price Rs. 625.00
  5. Plastic Humidifier Bottle for Oxygen Concentrator

    Current Price Rs. 225.00 Regular Price Rs. 375.00
  6. Oxygen Nasal Cannula with 5mtr. tube

    Current Price Rs. 201.00 Regular Price Rs. 650.00
  7. Ward Vacuum 600 ml Jar

    Current Price Rs. 750.00 Regular Price Rs. 920.00
  8. Child CPR Mask + Child Ambu Bag (500ml) - Combo Offter

    Current Price Rs. 1,533.00 Regular Price Rs. 2,900.00
  9. Oxygen Hood Round

    Current Price Rs. 1,703.00 Regular Price Rs. 3,558.00
  10. BP Apparatus with Stand - Diamond

    Current Price Rs. 5,200.00 Regular Price Rs. 5,360.00
  11. Paediatric & Neonatal Revival Stethoscope

    Rs. 1,490.00
  12. Humidifier Bottle 250 ml ('S' Hook Type)

    Current Price Rs. 299.00 Regular Price Rs. 450.00
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Items 1-15 of 31

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