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Product details: 

Made of soft breathable rubberized elastic material which can be comfortably worn under any clothing
Fully adjustable to accommodate the abdominal growth throughout pregnancy
Balances your body weight with the upper body and shoulder. It helps ease the pain and discomfort of pregnancy
Wrap this around your belly and waist for extra support and to lessen the burden of excess pregnancy weight
Highly beneficial in case of low-baby symptom. Stretch to your desired size and is available in four different sizes

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Product description:


Too tired to deal with pregnancy's complications? Generally, Lower back fatigue is a common issue for mothers during the latter stages of pregnancy.

With the baby's weight added to the front of the body, the entire spine is exposed to an excess amount of pressure, which can cause muscle fatigue and strain. No worries hereafter, this “Pregnancy Abdominal Support Belt” is now to help you.

Made of a soft rubberized elastic material that goes smooth against your skin. This pre delivery band has abdominal lift attachment that lifts your belly without unnecessary pressure.

This prenatal band has a two-way adjustment technology that enables you to customize your size as your baby bump gets bigger and heavier.

This maternity belt is primarily designed to provide ease in critical areas of pregnancy while in your regular daily activities like walking, running, standing, exercise, workout and more.

This belt is stretchable and is conveniently located in front of your belly. Wearing this elastic belt during daily activities protects your belly and baby from wobbling.

This Aaram's pregnancy belly brace gives relief from common pregnancy aches, pain and especially in case of low baby syndrome.

Our maternity belt fits firmly around your growing belly which p rovide good blood circulation for your active lifestyle, and workout. And the best part is that you don't have to limit your activity when wearing it!

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