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Transport Ventilator Resuscitator

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Transport ventilators are used  during emergency or transport situations or in ventilation requirements. Order online and Get Free door Delivery of Transport Ventilator. We are supplier of ventilators for resuscitation and patient transport! 


  1. Single patient, multi-use automatic resuscitator.
  2. Provides ventilation support for both breathing and non-breathing patients. 
  3. A constant flow, pressure cycled device designed to provide proper tidal volume, airway pressure and respiratory rate. 
  4. The SV2 automatically adjusts for lung compliance, a key factor in ARDS ( acute respiratory distress syndrome) treatment. 
  5. Gas powered, requires no other power source. 
  6. No maintenance required, single patient device.
  7. Use with the optional manometer and alarms enhances the clinicians monitoring capabilities. 
  8. Runs on a continuous gas flow rate of 10 to 40 L/min. 
  9. Pressure cycled on inhalation and exhalation (PIP and PEEP) which minimises the possibility of gas trapping.
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Operational Specifications:- 1) Recommended for body weights of 8kg and higher. 2) Ventilation frequency: Manual/Auto-adjusting to lung capacity 8 to 30+ BPM. 3) PIP: adjustable 10 to 40+ cmH2O 4) PEEP: auto calculate equal to 25% or ¼ of PIP (2 to 12+ cmH2O) 5) Inspiratory resistance: 3 ± 1cm-H2O/L/sec 6) I : E ratio: variable/adjustable 7) Dead space: 4 ± 3ml 8) Environmental : Operating limits -18 to +500C/storage limits -40 to +600C 9) Patient connection 15/22mm 10) Gas connection: PVC supply hose with DESS and /pr barbed nipple 11) Oxygen concentration: 22-100% (subject to supply source and use of optional entertainment port)

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