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SleepCube Spontaneous BiLevel S

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  1. Pressure range of 3 - 25 cm H2O in both BiLevel and CPAP mode 
  2. Pressure difference between the IPAP pressure setting and EPAP pressure setting can be up to 22 cm H2O 
  3. Delay mode is adjustable in 5 minute increments up to 45 minutes 
  4. Maintains the same triggering sensitivity with a high leak rate (up to 80 l/min.) as at a normal mask leak rate 
  5. A “Soft Start” feature: this permits the patient to acclimatize to the pressure after the unit is powered on
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The SleepCube BiLevel S is a variation on traditional CPAP. Instead of providing air at a constant pressure all night, the machine “senses” if you are breathing in or out and varies its level of pressure accordingly. On inspiration a higher pressure is needed to prevent apnoeas, hypopnoeas or snoring. On expiration a lower pressure is adopted to ensure patient comfort with less resistance. A BiLevel S is particularly beneficial for those users who require a higher pressure setting. Accessories: 1x Full face Mask 1x BiPAP 180cm tube
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