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Flamingo Orthopedic Heating Belt

Flamingo Orthopaedic Heating Belt - Regular Size Orthopaedic Heating Belt recommended by doctors for backaches, sprain, muscular & joint pains, abscesses, women related pains (Under the guidance of Gynecologist). An aid for a new life with new soft slide illuminated temperature controller with 3 different heat level. 

Flamingo Orthopedics Heating Pad is good and helpful in quick relief from pain and Ideal for Knee Joint Pain, Elbow joint Pain, Shoulder Pain and other part of bodies.

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Electric heating Gel Bag

Electric heating Gel Bag is comfort, therapy and healing big heat pad. Ideal for providing instant relief from pain and treatment of sports injuries. Easy to operate and does not require water filling Odorless and no side effects, Consumes less electricity.

Note: Don't use the bag while charging. 

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Heating Pad Ortho

Heating Pad Ortho is United Medicare branded Orthopedic Heating pad for Joint and Muscular Pains. For Joint you can used Orthopedic Heating Pad for Knee, Elbow, Ankle, Shoulder and Back Pains.

Long-lasting heating Pad with flexible coil and quality material, can be contoured conveniently around the affected area.

Long cable improves convenience in built twin thermo state for 100% safety ultra soft washable cover.

Velcro strap on belt. - Soft slide illuminated temperature controller with 3 heat levels.

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