What is IABP Helium Gas Cylinder?

IABP Helium Gas Cylinder is gas cylinders containting Helium Gas used medical with Intra Arotic Ballon pump or Intra Aortic Balloon Pump Machine (IABP Machine) for cardiac in Intensive care Unit. 

We are supplier of Helium Gas Cylinder for IABP, Buy Online IABP Helium Gas Cylinder. a High Pressure Aluminium Helium Gas Cylinders IABP (India Aortic Balloon Pump) for cardiac in intensive care unit.

This Helium Gas Cylinder specially desined for IABP machine, so also known as  IABP Helium Gas Cylinders. IABP is used used with intra-aortic balloon pump (IABP) a type of therapeutic device to treat cardiogenic shock, when your heart can't pump enough blood to meet the needs of your body. IABP intra-aortic balloon pump helps your heart pump more blood.

Capacity 0.459 Liters
Material Aluminium
Gas Pressure 200 bar
Portable Portable
Purity 99.999%
OutSide Diameter 70mm
Height 230mm
Weight Empty 0.71 kg

FAQ about Helium Gas - 

Does helium expire? -  No, helium does not expire