Anesthesia machine is operating room instrument and main medical device under OT Equipments category . Anesthesia machines mainly used by anesthetics in operating room for anesthetic process and for general anesthesia, also known as Anaesthesia Machine / Anaesthesia Workstation.

Various types of anesthesia machine available in market variants are The basic function of an Anesthesia machine with minimum functionality  and full functioned anesthesia machine. These anesthesia machine comes with complete accessories and attachments, Components of anesthesia machine are gas outlet, vaporizer system, flush valve, pressure relief valve, intermediate pressure system, reservoir bag, high pressure, flow regulator.

The purpose of the anaesthetic machine is anesthetizing gives general anesthesia to patients for medical procedure by  mixing receives medical gases (oxygen, nitrous oxide, air) by blending a precision mixture of respiratory and anesthetic gases (anesthesia machine and vaporizers).