What is Ambu Bag

Ambu Bag is Silicone Artificial Resuscitator Kit come with bag, valve and mask as a complete Silicone Resuscitator kit with all essential accessories. Ambu Bag is also known as BVM abbreviation of bag valve mask and Generic Name is manual resuscitator and "self-inflating bag". 


What is Category of Ambu Bag in Healthcare and Medical Sector

Ambu Bag falls in Medical equipment and accessories supplies category. Some user consider ambu bag as respiratory, anesthesia and resuscitation products so resuscitation supplies, re-breathing bag or resuscitator bag also category of Ambu Bag.


What is Full Form of AMBU Bag

Abbribration or Full form of AMBU bag is "artificial manual breathing unit" for healthcare Industry.


What is Function of Ambu Bag

The function of Ambu bag is to provide ventilation to the person not breathing normally.


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What are the parts of Ambu bag?

A Ambu bag consists mainly three parts: a face mask, a self-inflating bag / Reservoir bags and the medical pressure valves


Why Ambu Bag is also known as Silicon Ambu Bag

Ambu bag is made up of Silicon Material that why many user call silicon ambu bag.


Where to buy Amub Bag Online?

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What is Online Ambu Bag Price?

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  • Adult Ambu Bag - 1600ml
  • Child Ambu Bag - 500ml
  • Infant Ambu Bag - 250ml


What are sizes of Ambu Bag

Generally Ambu Bag comes in three sizes according to Volume and Patient Category.

According to Patient Category

  • Adult Ambu Bag
  • Child Ambu Bag
  • Infant Ambu Bag


According to Volume of Ambu Bag and Size

  • Adult Ambu Bag - 1600ml
  • Child Ambu Bag - 500ml
  • Infant Ambu Bag - 250ml