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  1. Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

    Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine

    Overview of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine.

    Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine A women’s health is most vulnerable during menstruation. Sanitary Pads/Napkins are the only safe and healthy option for women while continuing their work/study/traveling during their menstrual periods timely availability is the key. Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine is the only options. Sanitary Napkin vending machines are used for vending pads and Sanitary Napkins. Sanitary Pad Vending Machine is also known as Sanitary Pads vending machine for women hygiene. Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine can be an Automatic, electronic, semi-automatic also. These are Self-Service Vending Machine used for dispensing Sanitary Napkinsand Pads against acceptance of Coins.

    This Machine is alos know as Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine, Sanitary Pad Dispenser Machine, Sanitary Napkin Dispenser Machine, Sanitary Pad Vending Machine.

    Why Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine is important.

    Automatic sanitary napkin vending machine used to collect sanitary napkin pads where ever available no need to go for any other shops/stores in emergency time Women are able to buy sanitary napkins from the vending machinesby inserting coins of Re 1, Rs 5 or Rs 10 without going to physical store at public places like Hospitals, Schools, Colleges, Airports, Railway Station, Bus Station, Shopping Malls and other high footfall areas. Availability Round the clock availability of napkins and Sanitary Napkins Available at the point of need such as workplaces, malls, schools/colleges etc If you are looking for sanitary napkin automatic vending machine, sanitary napkin dispenser, sanitary napkins vending machines. You can order Coin Operated Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine, Automatic Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine online at low price in India.

    Working of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine.

    Anyone can access sanitary vending machine, to get Napkin or pad from machine just Insert a Coin of 2, 5 or 10 as mention, vending machine dispatches a pad instantly for you. If the coin is not valid, then machine will reject the coin back to customer. It is highly used for immediate access of napkinsto meet the menstrual emergencies at public places or high footfall area.

    Importance of Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines

    • Availability Round the clock availability of napkins and Sanitary Napkins
    • Accessibility Napkins/Pads in restrooms brings relief to women during menstrual emergencies
    • Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine for hygiene solutions
    • Privacy and independence
    • No more embarrassments, anxieties, stress
    • Affordability Single napkins/Pad dispensed at a price as low as Rs 2, Rs 5 and Rs 10

    Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines can Installed in many places such as :

    Sanitary Napkin or Pad Vending Machines for Hospitals.

    As per Online research many hospitals, especially maternity hospitals takes initiatives to install Sanitary Napkin vending machines in Hospitals. 1. Ajmer collector Gaurav Goyal at the installation of automated sanitary pad vending machine at Zanana (women's) Hospital 2. BMC health department installed sanitary pad vending machines, in five of its maternity hospitals. 3. As part of Womens' Day, two sanitary napkin vending machines and a ... installed at Coimbatore Medical College and Hospital here today.

    Sanitary Napkin or Pad Vending Machines for Railway Stations.

    Bhopal Railway Station is first railway station and city in India to Have Sanitary Napkin or Pad Vending Machine. Almost all media cover the news. According to BetterIndia “Bhopal Becomes India's 1st Railway Station to Have 'Happy Nari' Pad-Vending Machine…”. TIMESOFINDIA published new heading “Bhopal station first to install sanitary napkin vending machine” and IndiaTimes Headed as “Bhopal Becomes First Railway Station To Install Sanitary Pad Dispenser”

    Sanitary Napkin or Pad Vending Machines for Airports.

    Sanitary napkin vending machines are set to be installed by the Airport Authority of India (AAI) at all airports across the country. Indore Airport was the first one to install the machine last year in October, and several other airports have set up machines since then. Installation of sanitary napkin vending machines is a small step towards ensuring comfort for female air travellers. While we are committed to provide a safe and secure air travel, we feel it is our responsibility to address basic hygiene-related needs too.”

    Sanitary Napkin or Pad Vending Machines for School and Colleges.

    Most of all schools and colleges have girls’ students. These Sanitary napkin/pad vending machines are very useful for Girls College and Schools. Since girls may need sanitary Napkin Pads any moments due to biological changes, immediate access of napkinsto meet the menstrual emergencies. Because nobody always ready for such unforeseen circumstances, almost every one face such a embracing situation.

    Sanitary Napkin or Pad Vending Machines for Public Places.

    Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine must be installed at public places, because Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine provides sanitary pad or sanitary napkin with ease.

    Existing Sanitary Napkin Vending machines are Installed.

    Airport where sanitary Vending Machines are available. After Indore, since sanitary vending machines is essential many airports like Kolkata, Jaipur, Bhubaneswar, Port Blair, Trivandrum, Vishakhapatnam, Vadodara, Pune, Guwahati, Varanasi and Surat have also got these machines (Sanitary Napkin or Pad Vending Machines). 1. Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines at Hyderabad Airport. 2. Sanitary Napkin Vending Machines Installed At Kolkata Airport 3. Electronically operated automatic Sanitary napkin vending machines 3 nos at Kangra Airport 4. 07 No’s Sanitary Napkin vending machine at Udaipur Airport. And many more…..

    Article Page Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine is very for buyer looking for Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine Online Store Price, Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine Supplier, Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine Vendor, Sanitary Napkin Vending Machine Whole-seller dealer and Sanitary pad Vending Machine distributor also.

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  2. What is the difference between CPAP and APAP?

    It is very important to know clearly the CPAP is difference with APAP                                                                                                  .

    Despite both of them used to therapy OSA, but they are two different work mode.

    1.      The same part of CPAP and APAP

    Remember that positive airway pressure, the PAP part, works the same in both cases. PAP works primarily by maintaining a distending pressure on the inside of the airway that is higher than the pressure tending to collapse the airway.

    Both CPAP and APAP machines have a blower-pump that creates the pressure which is delivered to your airway by a hose that connects to a mask over your nose or nose and mouth.

    2.      Abbreviation difference

    The difference between CPAP and APAP is their abbreviation

    CPAP is short for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure ,

    APAP is short for Automatically-adjusting Positive Airway Pressure

    Relates to how the pressure required holding the upper airway open is determined.

    3.      Work mode different-CPAP works as a fixed pressure

    The difference is that with CPAP a single pressure level is set by your physician based on a determination of the average or maximum pressure you require to prevent your hypopneas and apneas. This determination has typically been done by a technician while you are sleeping in a laboratory.

    4.      Work mode different-APAP works as an Auto-adjusting pressure

    PAP devices have been developed which can, minute by minute, automatically adjusting the pressure required to keep your airway open. --- This is the APAP.

    For example more pressure is usually required when someone happen respiratory events. So the pressure will change automatically varies to respiratory events such as hypopneas and apneas throughout the night.

    Before you understand the APAP features, you must learn about these pressures mean.


    The upper limit treatment pressure for patient include the large   leakage happen condition.

    PA:Pressure for apnea

    The treatment pressure for patient when apnea happens

    PH:Pressure for hypopnea

    The treatment pressure for patient when hypopnea happens. Vary   to the hypopnea grade.


    The lower limit pressure for patient ,basically keep the upper   airway open.

    Pmin<   PH< PA< Pmax

    5.      What is the APAP benefit?

    5.1 The big first benefit is comfortable.

    The pressure will change within a suitable treatment pressure range ( Pmin--Pmax ) which set by a sleep physician. This is a much different with CPAP, because the CPAP works as a fixed pressure. Look the below picture.

    Look at 1st area, at the beginning of the treatment the device works at Pmin while the patient falls in sleep or there has no respiratory events happen in upper airway.

    It could increase the patient comfortable and maintain a good compliance because the patient needs a less work of breathing.

    5.2 The big second benefit is intelligent.

    the treatment pressure auto-adjusting vary to different respiratory events.

    We find from 2nd.area Pressure raises automatically when the hypopneas happen and decrease while hypopneas disappear. The same as 3rd. area pressure raises automatically when the apneas happen and decrease while apneas disappear.

    In other words to describe APAP feature is just rise pressure when the patient needs it. However the CPAP keep a fixed/continuous/single pressure for ever.



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  3. Laryngoscope


    What is Laryngoscope?

    Laryngoscope is an illuminating medical examining instrument contains handle and interchangeable blades, used in medical procedure by healthcare providers called laryngoscopy to allow visualization so that obtain more clear view of the vocal folds and the glottis by inserting a tube through a part of throat larynx(of the pharynx and larynx of a patient). 

    In other simplest word we can say that “Laryngoscopes is an enlightening medical instrumental device used in healthcare industry; laryngoscope helps Doctors and medical professional to see tough area inside mouth, under tongue.”

    Components of Laryngoscope

    1. Laryngoscope Handle
    2. Laryngoscope Blade

    How Laryngoscope works

    Laryngoscope Blade and Laryngoscope Handle are two separate pieces of laryngoscope set that has to assemble.  The traditional or “conventional” Laryngoscope are available in interchangeable blades model.

    Laryngoscope Handle has hallow cylindrical structure, contains the batteries needed for illumination and the blade has a bulb at the end, tip of blade.

    During intubation procedure, Blade has to attach with handle before use it just takes only few seconds (PUSH to FIT), attachment complete circuit and light/bulb at the end of blade tip shine bright during illuminating procedure this light help examiner to view things clearly.

    What is size of Laryngoscope Handle and Blade?

    Laryngoscope is handy instrument, handle is just about 6 inch in length and generally blades are shorter than the handle but size differ according to specification.

    Type of Laryngoscope Blade

    1. Curved Laryngoscope Blade – preferred when a pediatric patient must be intubated
    2. Straight Laryngoscope Blade – preferred when an Adult patient must be intubated
    3. LED Type Laryngoscope Blade – The light is LED type in such type of laryngoscope.
    4. MRI Compatible Laryngoscope Blade – Laryngoscope blade that can be used in MRI procedure. Generally other blade is made up of low-magnetic materials.
    5. fiber optic Laryngoscope Blade – Fiber optic blades often offer the most control and tend to be the smallest and most flexible, too; they’re also the most expensive in most scenarios, though, which is often a consideration

    There are two types of laryngoscope blades: curved and straight. Both are inserted deep within a patients airway.

    Size of Laryngoscope Blade

    Laryngoscope blades come in different sizes, with 00 being the smallest used for pediatrics and 4 being the largest. The age of the patient helps to determine the size of the blade that will use in intubating procedure.

    1. Laryngoscope blade size 00
    2. Laryngoscope blade size 0
    3. Laryngoscope blade size 1
    4. Laryngoscope blade size 2
    5. Laryngoscope blade size 3
    6. Laryngoscope blade size 4

    Type of Laryngoscope Handle

    Condition when Laryngoscope set is needed

    1. A sore throat is common following an intubation procedure
    2. A Laryngoscope may be used while intubating a patient.
    3. A Laryngoscope can be used to diagnose the cause of throat pain in some patients
    4. A Laryngoscope allows examiner and doctors to examine the larynx.
    5. A Laryngoscope is an illuminating medial instrument used to examine the pharynx and larynx

    Where to Buy Laryngoscope?

    Laryngoscope, its accessories and attachments may easily available in you city. If you did not found a local vendor to buy Laryngoscope then you can buy online from MYGETWELLSTORE.COM. At MyGetwellstore you will find wide ranges of Laryngoscope (LED Laryngoscope, OPTIC Fiber Laryngoscope, MRI Compatible Laryngoscope), Laryngoscope Handles, Laryngoscope Blades and Laryngoscope on affordable price in India. Get Branded Laryngoscope of brand Oxylife® from

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  4. Humidifier Bottle

    Humidifier Bottle

    What is Humidifier Bottle?

    Humidifier bottle is a medical device used to humidify oxygen, increases humidity or moisture and decrease dryness of supplemental oxygen during therapy and emergencies with oxygen supplying system. Commonly it is known as Oxygen humidifier bottle Humidifier provides long-lasting moisture for utmost patient comfort during therapy and medical procedures. Humidified oxygen provides comfort to patient and prevents drying nose, mouth, lungs and respiratory membranes. Oxygen passes through the water (Distilled or pure drinking water) in bottle from the oxygen administration equipment, such as cylinders (oxygen tanks) liquid oxygen cylinder, portable oxygen concentrator or home oxygen concentrator and piped-in oxygen system. Humidifier bottle filled with water up to mark is attached with the administration equipment for oxygen therapy and procedures, the bottle attaches to an adapter on the flow meter. The Cannula or mask connects to the opposite side of the humidifier.

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