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Healthcare Knowledge

  1. Laryngoscope


    What is Laryngoscope?

    Laryngoscope is an illuminating medical examining instrument contains handle and interchangeable blades, used in medical procedure by healthcare providers called laryngoscopy to allow visualization so that obtain more clear view of the vocal folds and the glottis by inserting a tube through a part of throat larynx(of the pharynx and larynx of a patient). 

    In other simplest word we can say that “Laryngoscopes is an enlightening medical instrumental device used in healthcare industry; laryngoscope helps Doctors and medical professional to see tough area inside mouth, under tongue.”

    Components of Laryngoscope

    1. Laryngoscope Handle
    2. Laryngoscope Blade

    How Laryngoscope works

    Laryngoscope Blade and Laryngoscope Handle are two separate pieces of laryngoscope set that has to assemble.  The traditional or “conventional” Laryngoscope are available in interchangeable blades model.

    Laryngoscope Handle has hallow cylindrical structure, contains the batteries needed for illumination and the blade has a bulb at the end, tip of blade.

    During intubation procedure, Blade has to attach with handle before use it just takes only few seconds (PUSH to FIT), attachment complete circuit and light/bulb at the end of blade tip shine bright during illuminating procedure this light help examiner to view things clearly.

    What is size of Laryngoscope Handle and Blade?

    Laryngoscope is handy instrument, handle is just about 6 inch in length and generally blades are shorter than the handle but size differ according to specification.

    Type of Laryngoscope Blade

    1. Curved Laryngoscope Blade – preferred when a pediatric patient must be intubated
    2. Straight Laryngoscope Blade – preferred when an Adult patient must be intubated
    3. LED Type Laryngoscope Blade – The light is LED type in such type of laryngoscope.
    4. MRI Compatible Laryngoscope Blade – Laryngoscope blade that can be used in MRI procedure. Generally other blade is made up of low-magnetic materials.
    5. fiber optic Laryngoscope Blade – Fiber optic blades often offer the most control and tend to be the smallest and most flexible, too; they’re also the most expensive in most scenarios, though, which is often a consideration

    There are two types of laryngoscope blades: curved and straight. Both are inserted deep within a patients airway.

    Size of Laryngoscope Blade

    Laryngoscope blades come in different sizes, with 00 being the smallest used for pediatrics and 4 being the largest. The age of the patient helps to determine the size of the blade that will use in intubating procedure.

    1. Laryngoscope blade size 00
    2. Laryngoscope blade size 0
    3. Laryngoscope blade size 1
    4. Laryngoscope blade size 2
    5. Laryngoscope blade size 3
    6. Laryngoscope blade size 4

    Type of Laryngoscope Handle

    Condition when Laryngoscope set is needed

    1. A sore throat is common following an intubation procedure
    2. A Laryngoscope may be used while intubating a patient.
    3. A Laryngoscope can be used to diagnose the cause of throat pain in some patients
    4. A Laryngoscope allows examiner and doctors to examine the larynx.
    5. A Laryngoscope is an illuminating medial instrument used to examine the pharynx and larynx

    Where to Buy Laryngoscope?

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  2. Humidifier Bottle

    Humidifier Bottle

    What is Humidifier Bottle?

    Humidifier bottle is a medical device used to humidify oxygen, increases humidity or moisture and decrease dryness of supplemental oxygen during therapy and emergencies with oxygen supplying system. Commonly it is known as Oxygen humidifier bottle Humidifier provides long-lasting moisture for utmost patient comfort during therapy and medical procedures. Humidified oxygen provides comfort to patient and prevents drying nose, mouth, lungs and respiratory membranes. Oxygen passes through the water (Distilled or pure drinking water) in bottle from the oxygen administration equipment, such as cylinders (oxygen tanks) liquid oxygen cylinder, portable oxygen concentrator or home oxygen concentrator and piped-in oxygen system. Humidifier bottle filled with water up to mark is attached with the administration equipment for oxygen therapy and procedures, the bottle attaches to an adapter on the flow meter. The Cannula or mask connects to the opposite side of the humidifier.

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