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Head and Body Massager

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Rs. 4,999.00
Concept of 3D massage knead omni-directional movement pressure to knead your stress and headache away. The iCare massager incorporates modern technology to bring quality massage experience in every use. Utilizing a combination of safe vibration massage techniques. 4 rotating blades move in reverse or front direction and permit kneading action. This gives you the feel of 3D with pressure, kneading and rotating action. 28 grippers to remove your stress and pain to relax you. The blades are removable permitting them to be cleaned. Can also be used with oils and serums on the head and body. Comes with a unique charging station to permit hands-free massage. No wires or cords.
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A powerful yet gentle massager with four heads that helps relieve stress and aid in muscle relaxation. With the unique action of kneading, pressing and omni-directional twirling, this massager is perfect for use on both your head and your body. Made from organic materials, the massager is waterproof and splash proof, which means you can use it anytime you want. Cordless, this innovative, easy-to-use, portable massager helps provide maximum relaxation to sore muscles and rejuvenate yourself. Handy enough to carry with you answhere you need, and battery operated for convenient use. Manufacturer/Importer - Krishkare
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